The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) was established to provide scientific guidance for the Joint Research Initiatives (JRI) through the European Union (EU) support for the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB). Under the EU Project with ACB (2005–2010), JRI were supported to carry out science-policy initiatives in support of the ASEAN Member States (AMS). The initiative was carried over to the Biodiversity and Climate Change Project (BCCP) implemented by ACB and GIZ, and the SAC served as the scientific panel, which reviewed the proposals and project results to ensure that these generate mutual benefits to the AMS and the region.

The SAC is composed of prominent scientists in the field of biodiversity conservation, natural resources, social sciences, or related fields, nominated by the AMS. The ACB serves as the secretariat to the SAC. The SAC had been instrumental in ensuring that project proposals and results generate mutual benefits to the AMS and the region. Six (6) SAC Meetings were convened from 2009–2018 to provide technical assistance on project development, project evaluation, and expanding research and development on biodiversity conservation. 

The 7th Meeting of the SAC, which will be held on 24 October 2019, is a side event of the AHP6. The meeting will be convened to discuss the Science-Policy Forum of the Third ASEAN Conference on Biodiversity (ACB 2020), Annotated Outline of the ASEAN Biodiversity Outlook 3, ACB SAC Terms of Reference, and ACB SAC Work Plan 2020–2025.