The policy dialogue will bring together members of the ASEAN Working Group on Nature Conservation and Biodiversity (AWGNCB), ASEAN Working Group on CITES and Wildlife Enforcement (AWGCITES-WE), the ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Transnational Crime
(SOMTC), the EU Delegations in ASEAN, key development partners in ASEAN as well as key protected area and wildlife conservation stakeholders in ASEAN.
This session will feature the EU’s publication Larger than Tigers, which highlights the ASEANregion’s natural capital, and provides analysis in support of a strategic approach to curbing environmental degradation and biodiversity loss in the region. It will also highlight the current efforts of ASEAN Member States on biodiversity conservation and emphasize the Chiang Mai Statement on Illegal Wildlife Trade 2019 as the basis for future support in the region. The sessions will feature the different efforts of the AMS in protected areas/ASEAN Heritage Parks management and sustainable financing, exploring wider conservation approaches and halting species extinction.

    Session 1: Keynote Presentations – Setting the Scene from the EU perspective and the ASEAN Perspective

    • Keynote 1: Larger Than Tigers EU Report: Strategic approach to halting environmental degradation and biodiversity loss in ASEAN
    • Keynote 2: ASEAN initiatives relating to wildlife conservation 

    Session 2: Strengthening Protected Areas Management

    • Effective Management and Sustainable Financing in ASEAN Heritage Parks

    Session 3: Effective Landscape and Seascape Approaches for Conservation

    • Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures and Key Biodiversity Areas
    • Challenges and needs for effective implementation beyond conventional Protected Areas

    Session 4: Addressing wildlife crime

    • Combating Wildlife Crime in ASEAN
    • Tackling Transnational Illegal Wildlife Trade